Wednesday, March 24, 2010


it's taken me far too long to post this, but alas i took a bunch of pictures of the boys with my phone, and the daunting task of sending each one to my email, to save to the computer, to finally upload here, ug well here it is Wednesday.
faeries and gnomes strike again!

M1 basket

 M2 basket

M3 basket

 oooh look!

look what i got!

look Moma!

 checking out the goodies

 M3 has no clue what's going on. :)

 M2's bunny from last year. the Magic Bunny is really good at recycling.

M1 with bunny.
 the hunt begins!

 it did not take him long to figure out what to do!

 we colored on our eggs this year. the Equinox being on Saturday morning meant i didn't plan well for decorating the eggs Friday after school. so it was fun and simple. there weren't any sweets either and the boys didn't even notice. :)

 look at those eagle eyes!

 Our boys. :)

Blessed Spring to all!

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  1. I love the "recyled/regifted" bunnies from last year. And are those ducks in the baskets?! Did you make them? They are really cute! Your boys are such cuties.