Thursday, March 11, 2010

lighter shoulders


yes! we had come to the point this weekend of making a decision about the boys education. i was of the mind to pull our oldest from school and start homeschooling them as of this past Monday, but my level headed husband said, why don't we wait until Spring Break and do it then. the relief of making the decision and the added benefit of us having money to do the little things, you know like being able to feed our family and put gas in the car, was much appreciated.

so, my husband put the proverbial gauntlet down and said okay now you have to figure out what your teaching and find your rhythm. you have 3 weeks. my thought was to ask M1's teacher for the rest of this years lessons so that we would just leave off where he started. i was also going to ask if he would mentor my sweet boy and also help me with the curriculum for next year and to ask him how to teach to my boy, so that my lack of patience doesn't ruin everything. so i typed up that email and off it went and that evening he called. i was expecting this, of course, was i wasn't expecting was for this man to offer to pay M1's tuition out of his own savings. he's a teacher at a Waldorf school, for gods sake, so you know he's not making big bucks. oh my, he just floored me with his love and generosity. he told us that he really thought that it was important that M1 finish this year, for closure, but also because he had come so far this year. we told him we would talk to the finance guy at school and see what could be done.

that meeting happened today. M1 can finish the year and our payments have been suspended. really they are just being added to the back we owe them anyway, but he did say that if we want to return that we would have to chip away at the back as well as pay what we owe for the boys tuitions.  really and truly i don't see us returning, but i'm not closing that door. you never know, but i'm just so jubilant with the thought of us creating our own school where all the boys will be participating regardless of age.

exhale with a contented smile.

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  1. You will fall into the swing of things over time with everyone at home. Everyone kind of settles into their own rhythm and it all just works out somehow. We unschool, so I guess that's easy for me to say. We just flow with the days and where they take us, but we have some knowledge of waldorf too.

    About the font...I didn't see it in a comment. I don't know how I missed it....but the font is called 'leaf1' I think. I found it as a free download somewhere online, but I felt like it fit the whole Earth Mama thing pretty good. Glad you like it.